Confessions: I Want to Live

Though we inhabit sorrow, pain, and toil,
Oppressed by things we think we should do well,
I want to rest, hunger, thirst, and wander
And need and wonder and not be alone.

Though we walk through loneliness and shadow
And fight these broken battles in our brains,
I want to try and touch and go and see
And breath and taste and make and come to know.

Though fear seizes the heart and shakes the mind
Strangling the light and breathing in despair,
I want to glimpse the sacredness of life
And be surprised by music and by truth.

Though death whispers to us it's false relief
And sometimes drives all other thoughts away,
I want to hold your hand and not let go
And talk and choose and feel and live...with you.


  1. Death whispers...what a thought. When I catch myself in melancholoy, lines come, deep unto deep calls. thanks for sharing your heart.

  2. Thank you for reading and for your kind words.


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